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"The University of Oxford (legally The Chancellor Masters and also Scholars of the College of Oxford) is a college research college in Oxford, England. There is proof of training as very early as 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world as well as the world's second-oldest college in continuous procedure. It proliferated from 1167 when Henry II prohibited English trainees from going to the University of Paris. After disagreements between trainees and Oxford townsfolk in 1209, some academics ran away north-east to Cambridge where they developed what ended up being the College of Cambridge. Both "" ancient universities"" are often collectively called "" Oxbridge"". The background and also impact of the University of Oxford have made it one of one of the most prestigious colleges worldwide.

The university is composed of 39 component colleges, 6 long-term personal halls, as well as a range of academic divisions which are organised into four departments. [14] All the universities are self-governing organizations within the college, each controlling its own membership and also with its own inner framework as well as activities. It does not have a major campus, and also its structures and centers are scattered throughout the city centre. Undergraduate teaching at Oxford is arranged around once a week tutorials at the universities as well as halls, sustained by classes, lectures, seminars, and laboratory work offered by college faculties and divisions; some postgraduate mentor, and also sometimes undergraduate mentor, includes tutorials arranged by professors and departments. It runs the world's oldest university museum, as well as the largest university press worldwide and also the biggest academic collection system nationwide.

In the fiscal year ending 31 July 2019, the college had an overall earnings of ₤ 2.45 billion, of which ₤ 624.8 million was from research study gives as well as agreements. The university is placed amongst the very best higher understanding institutions by most international and also major nationwide league tables.

Oxford has actually enlightened a wide variety of significant graduates, consisting of 28 head of states of the UK as well as many presidents as well as federal government around the globe. Since November 2019, 72 Nobel Reward laureates, 3 Fields Medalists, and 6 Turing Honor champions have studied, functioned, or held checking out fellowships at the University of Oxford, while its graduates have actually won 160 Olympic medals. Oxford is the residence of many scholarships, consisting of the Rhodes Scholarship, one of the oldest worldwide grad scholarship programs."